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Magic of Science

Mon, November 20, 2023
Queensborough PAC 222-05 56th Avenue, Bayside, NY 11364

Learning Science is Fun!

Enjoy Science and all the fun that goes along with it!
Circus skills, juggling and magic enhance astounding tricks that have scientific explanations.

This delightful show uses magic to reveal the basic concepts of science.

The Magic of Science demonstrates the science of: Atoms, Molecules, Liquids, Solids, Gasses, Compounds, Solutions, Chemical Reactions, The Atomic Elements, Static Electricity, Current Electricity and Electromagnetism.

Everything we see can be broken down into molecules, which combine in different densities to create liquids, solids, and gasses.

Using ingredients found in everyday life, a balloon inflates all by itself, plain water becomes every color in the rainbow and then mysteriously clears up, and a paper spiral rises into the air.

Whether they are juggling “atoms” and ” molecules,” demonstrating liquid and gas by squirting seltzer, or explaining electrons as their hair stands on end from the VanDeGraaf generator, this delightful duo beguiles the audience while introducing simple and effective science concepts for all ages.

Magic, circus skill, and audience participation are used to excite the audience about the world of science, in this fast-paced show, full of audience participation.

Be part of the Magic of Science, fun-filled show for all.

Curriculum Connections: Science, Physics, Circus Arts, Music, Theater