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Explore Reading Through Music of Rock N Roll

Thu, April 11, 2024
York College 94-45 Guy R. Brewer Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11451


Reading Rocks Through the WORLD OF MUSIC OF ROCK N ROLL-Explore Reading Curriculum K, 1, 2 Grades

Reading Rocks transports students to a world of lots of books through the world of Music of ROCK N ROLL!

Reading Rocks show specifically designed to engage, entertain and educate students. While your students are having fun during the music show, they’ll also be learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction books, and new vocabulary.

K, 1, 2 Grades will get excited about reading which is the most valuable skill students learn in school. It’s the foundation of every other topic students study and their live success.

The secret to the success of reading program is that it engages students so that – even when the SHOW is over – they’ll be motivated to go out and read on their own. Over the course of the show, we use our experience as both an educator and a performers to engage, entertain and communicate our love for reading.


“READING ROCKS” celebrates all kinds of reading:  reading for fun as well as reading for information.  Suzanne and Glenn are your tour guides as they lead the audience on an imaginary journey through the worlds of fiction (fantasy, adventure), non-fiction (biography, history) and information (cookbooks, nature books, newspapers and even traffic signs). 
The show’ reflects the Common Core guidelines that place a greater emphasis on informational texts.  Songs include “We Will Read You”  “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” “Locomotion”  “Stop In The Name of Love” “Sugar Sugar” and “Do You Believe In Magic.”  Lots of group audience participation.

Curriculum : Reading, Learning, Music, English Language Arts

Come Rock N Roll with us and EXPLORE READING CURRICULUM!