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ARTS ON STAGE NY (a division of the New Way Circus Center) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to insuring that all the children in our communities experience the power and beauty of the performing arts through education and entertainment.

OUR GOAL is to make the performing arts accessible to young people without regard to socio-economic, geographic, or intellectual barriers, both real and perceived. Our goal is to improve the academic skills through live professional theater.

OUR PROGRAMS SUPPORT school curricula while helping enrich the quality of life in our communities by stimulating students and revitalizing teachers. Arts On Stage NY school time educational productions are often a young person’s first exposure to live theater. We offer world-class performances that inspire people throughout culturally diverse communities and affect children throughout their lives.

OUR PROGRAMS OFFER every student equal opportunity for educational and cultural enrichment that stimulates creativity, develops problem solving skills, encourages, educates and promotes an interest in arts through live professional theater field trips. We make the arts an essential part of education creating partnership for teaching and learning. Let the arts help you connect with your curriculum and turn students on to learning.

Using the Department of Education Blueprint Strands, our programs implement theatrical plays, music, dance, visual arts, drama, multimedia technology and audience etiquette that tie into reading, writing, math, science, and social studies that help students to improve their academic skills. Students will realize that Education is the key to SUCCESS.

Our programs include a wide variety of multicultural performances from Africa, Latin America, Asia,
Russia, The Caribbean, Mexico, and Native Americans. In addition, our season is filled with classic literature based performances such as Harriet Tubman, I Have a Dream- The Story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Cinderella, A Christmas Carol, Beauty and The Beast. Study guides are available to assist the teachers and students to prepare for these performances and to get the most out of each event.

We are pleased to provide each school with fun and an exciting, educational season created by our talented team and filled with the energy of outstanding artists. Join US to celebrate a season of magic, fun and education.